New domain names on line sooner

At 10.00 (CEST) on 20 April we're increasing the frequency of updates to the .nl zone file. The frequency is going from once an hour to once every half an hour. The change means that when you get a new domain name registered or an existing registration updated through your registrar, the change is effective within half an hour.

Even faster updates planned

The way that we currently update the zone file offers limited scope for making updates more frequently. The zone file can't be updated more than once every half hour. However, we're working on a new system, which will enable something close to real-time updates. We hope to have the new system ready before the end of the year.


  • Thursday 17 May 2018

    Internet security

    Hackman campaign launched to raise awareness of on-line security


    Ethical hacker Rickey Gevers takes on the challenge of hacking Lieke van Lexmond

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  • Thursday 12 October 2017

    Internet security

    Looks too good to be true? Then it probably is


    Don't fall for fake webshop scams!

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  • Monday 15 April 2019

    About SIDN

    Warning: phishing mail claiming to be from SIDN

    Fraudulent demands claiming to be from SIDN

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