Have your say on the update frequency of the .nl zone file

Over the last few years, the update frequency of the .nl zone file has gradually increased. The last time we increased it was at the end of 2015, when it went from every two hours to every hour. From the feedback we've had, we know that registrars welcomed that change. We've also heard various suggestions about what we might do next. There are several options, each with its own pros and cons.

SIDN will shortly be discussing the subject of zone file updates with the Technical Committee of the Registrars' Association. In preparation for those discussions, we are inviting registrars with a special interest in this field to tell us what they think. Are you a .nl registrar with strong views on zone file-updates? Are you up for sharing your thoughts with us? Then it's you we're looking for!If you're interested in getting involved, please mail relatiebeheer@sidn.nl, including your contact details in the message.


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