Meet SIDN at the Chamber of Commerce Start-up Day in Arnhem

Advice about domain names and online enterprise.

Going into business often starts with a bright idea for a product or service. An idea that you naturally want to formalise as soon as possible by registering your business with the Chamber of Commerce. And, when setting up your new business, choosing the right domain name is just as important as coming up with a good name for the business itself. SIDN will be giving advice about domain names and online enterprise at the Start-up Day on 7 November in Arnhem. So why not come along?


Choosing the right domain name for your business

What makes one domain name better than the next? How does your domain name shape the image of your business? What's the best extension to use: .nl or .com? How can you quickly find out whether a domain name you're thinking of is actually available? Once you've made up your mind, how do you secure your preferred domain name? What if you really want a particular domain name, but someone else has already registered it? Those are just some of the questions that SIDN's Marketing Manager Michiel Henneke will be answering during his presentation 'The Best Domain Name for Your Business' at the Chamber of Commerce Start-up Day in Arnhem.

Visit our stand at the Start-up Day

You can also meet SIDN on the information market. Sebastiaan Assink and Jennifer Mollema will be there from 10am to 4pm to tell you more about the importance of a good domain name for your business. So, if you have any questions about domain names and on-line enterprise, simply drop by and ask.


Start-up Day registration

Thinking of starting your own business? Have any questions about domain names? Then come along to the Chamber of Commerce Start-up Day on Saturday 7 November in Arnhem's Gelredome. Presentations, an information market and the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs will put you on the right track to getting your business off the ground. Register for the Start-up Day now.


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