Legal Help Desk for registrars now open

We've teamed up with the Registrars' Association (RA) to set up a Legal Help Desk for RA-affiliated registrars, open from 26 February. So the 1350-plus .nl registrars can now get swift, free answers to questions about privacy, terms and conditions and other issues involving ICT and the law. The Help Desk is an independent service facilitated by the legal consultancy ICTRecht.

Free for registrars

In the course of their work, .nl registrars often meet legal questions. How to word contracts, how to deal with notice-and-take-down requests and what rights and responsibilities go with .nl domain names and associated hosting services, for example. And getting professional advice on such matters can be costly. The RA and SIDN have therefore set up a Legal Help Desk, which operates independently and costs .nl registrars nothing to use. Full details of the services available from the Help Desk are available from the non-public area of the RA website.

For RA members

The Help Desk has been set up to provide legal advice to RA-affiliated registrars. With this joint initiative, SIDN and the RA want to contribute to a resilient domain name sector, whose participants are challenged and encouraged to devise innovative solutions. It's now easy for .nl registrars to put their legal questions directly to ICTRecht by filling in a form on the RA Portal. The ICTRecht legal consultancy has been providing innovative assistance to the ICT industry since 2004, and partnering both SIDN and the RA for several years.

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