Is everything on the internet true?

In the Netherlands, last week was theĀ Week van de Mediawijsheid ('Week of Media Wisdom'). During the week, we encouraged teachers, professionals, parents, children and young adults to talk in class and at home about on-line behaviour and digital skills.

School kids aren't as internet-savvy as they like to think

The need to focus on those subjects was underlined by the results of the Youth and Media Survey 2017, a study that Kennisnet undertakes every two years. "School kids aren't as internet-savvy as they like to think. Most of them rate their digital abilities 'good', but in practice they're often lacking important knowledge and skills. Most youngsters aren't very good at assessing the reliability of information sources they meet on line, for example. Yet that's a vital skill for things such as recognising fake news. Schools are therefore well advised to prioritise (digital) information skills."

WWW.wat? makes the internet understandable for children

For children to make wise use of the internet, they need to know how it works. But how can you explain something so complex in a way they'll understand? That's where WWW.wat? comes in. Brought out by a leading children's publisher to coincide with the Week of Media Wisdom, WWW.wat? is a Dutch-language book packed with answers to the questions that youngsters ask about the internet. Questions such as who's in charge of the internet? How did things work before the internet? And can the internet go wrong? As well as explaining how the internet works and what it can be used for, WWW.wat? highlights things that young people need to watch out for.

Answer the prize question for the chance to win a copy of WWW.wat?!

To mark the Week of Media Wisdom, we're giving away ten copies of WWW.wat? So, if you've got a son or daughter at primary school, why not answer SIDN's prize question for a chance to win this interesting and useful book? On Monday 4 December, all the correct entries will go into a draw, and the ten lucky winners will be informed personally. If you're not in the first ten out of the hat, you can order WWW.wat? from the publisher or from


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