Win a copy of www.wat?! Answers to seventy questions about the internet!

Who's in charge of the internet? Can the internet go wrong? Just two of the seventy questions you've always wanted to ask about the internet. And the answers are in a new book called www.wat? As part of the Week of Media Wisdom, we're giving away ten copies of this great little page-turner. Here's how to be in with a chance of getting your own copy of www.wat?, providing your parents approve.

Win a copy of www.wat?! And find out all about the internet!het boek www.wat?!

You're on the internet almost every day. It's great for homework and for playing games with your friends. It's a big part of your life, so it has to be a good idea to know how it works. Right? Now there's a book that can tell you: www.wat?! 


How to be in with a chance of winning www.wat?

Are you at primary school? Fancy a chance of winning a copy of www.wat? All you have to do is answer the prize question below. Send your answer to, along with your name and address and the name of your school. Then we'll know where to send your prize if you win, and which school you'll be wowing with how much you know.

Prize question

  Is everything on the internet true?


 What do you reckon? Is everything on the internet true? Write and tell us!

Picking the winners

On Monday 04 December, all the best answers will go into a draw. If yours is one of the first ten picked out, we'll get in touch. If you're not in the first ten out of the hat, why not ask your parents if you can have a copy? The book can be ordered from and from bookstores, such as

Update 27-12-2017: we informed the winners by email.

Prize draw conditions

  • Entrants must be at primary school.

  • Entrants under the age of sixteen need permission from a parent.

  • Only one entry per person can be accepted.

  • Our choice of winners is final and not open to discussion.

  • By entering, you agree that, if you win, SIDN is allowed to use the personal details provided and possibly a photograph without charge for promotional activities associated with the competition and when announcing winners via any medium, including radio, television and the internet.

  • Entitlement to an unclaimed prize lapses one month after the winner has been notified.

  • SIDN personnel are not allowed to enter.

Why is SIDN giving away ten copies of this book?

We are the company behind .nl. We think it's important that young people grow up understanding how to use the internet safely. Knowing how the internet works can help with that. So we've helped to pay for www.wat? to be written and printed. We want you to know what's what, and to pass on what you know to your friends. Happy surfing!


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