IPv6 is vital for the Internet of Things

Netherlands risks missing the boat

The number of devices that support IPv6 is expected to triple in the next few years, from 6 billion in 2017 to 18.3 billion by 2022. As a proportion of the total, IPv6 devices are likely to go from 32 to 64 per cent. (The percentage won't triple because the overall number will also grow.) The predictions are made in Cisco's Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Trends, 2017-2022.

According to the network supplier, the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is progressing well. Telecom providers in particular are busy rolling out IPv6 on a large scale. They also report that IPv6 traffic now accounts for a large slice of the total: 40 per cent of traffic at Free in France, 63 per cent at AT&T, 64 per cent at Comcast, 86 per cent at Verizon Wireless, and a massive 94 per cent at T-Mobile. Another forecast from Cisco is that, by 2022, 51 per cent of all content will be available using IPv6 (as well or instead of IPv4).


Internet of Things

For Cisco, the big plus points of IPv6 are scalability and speed. It's also seen as an enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT). That view echoes CompareTheCloud.net's recent assertion that IPv6 is one of the five key factors for maturation of the IoT.

Despite the importance of IPv6 and the progress being made with the global rollout, adoption in the Netherlands remains weak. In the recently published IPv6 Inventory, we drew attention to the Netherlands' sluggish adoption of IPv6 and the implications for our innovation and investment climate. In the few months since, our position has deteriorated further.

Internet of the future

If the Netherlands wants a prominent role in the internet of the future, comparable to the one it has played in the traditional internet infrastructure, the country needs to start catching up quickly. The Dutch finance ministry is currently looking at ways of ensuring that the national economic interest in migration prevails over the factors that are delaying action.


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