Government and suppliers make joint push for further IPv6 adoption

Joint Ambition Statement in prospect

All government bodies in the Netherlands must be reachable using IPv6 by the end of 2021. In other words, all their public mail and web servers will have to support IPv6 connections within the next two years. The various government entities and their suppliers have made a joint statement of intent to that effect. Earlier this month, a further group of suppliers signed up to the plan.

The statement of intent is an initiative by Logius, the Forum for Standardisation and VNG Realisatie, intended to expedite IPv6 adoption. The Forum's Bart Knubben had previously indicated that suppliers needed to improve their tools and services. "It's important that software suppliers and service providers make the standards easy to implement, or -- even better -- make support for the standards the default position." He believes that both government organisations and their major service providers should be individually urged to take action.

Exchange meetings

Government organisations, suppliers and service providers have since agreed to do all they can to support IPv6, so that government servers can be IPv6-enabled in good time. Signatories to the statement of intent are also calling on the Forum for Standardisation to draw up a Joint Ambition Statement for IPv6, following the model adopted to promote the internet security standards TLS/HTTPS, DNSSEC, SPF/DKIM/DMARC, HSTS and STARTTLS/DANE. The approach would involve periodic progress testing and reporting. Last month, the various parties held three meetings, at which municipal authorities presented their IPv6 cases. Experiences and plans were also exchanged and stumbling blocks identified. The meetings additionally laid the foundations for the Joint Ambition Statement.


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