Enhanced SIDN website helps more people register .nl domain names

Five thousand leads a month referred to registrars

On 1 July, we added new functionality to our website to help people find good domain names. We also improved the way that visitors are referred to registrars for help registering their chosen names. The changes have been a big success: sidn.nl is now generating nearly five thousand leads a month, more than 15 per cent of which result in registrations. That's almost twice as many as before the new features were launched.

Old set-up was frustrating for would-be registrants

Until 1 July, if you visited sidn.nl and found a domain name that you liked, you were referred to a comprehensive list of .nl registrars. That had various drawbacks. One being that not all registrars are suitable for all registrants. Some only cater for the business market, for example. Another drawback being that not all registrars have a landing page for .nl registrations. From user feedback, we knew that many visitors to sidn.nl were frustrated by having to get over so many hurdles. And some simply gave up on the idea of registering a domain name.

Visitors now see only registrars who want leads from our site

People visiting sidn.nl are now shown a filtered list of registrars, all of whom have said they want to receive leads. To be included on the list, a registrar has to have a landing page that we can link to. And we check out all the landing pages to make sure they're suitable. So there's much less risk of a visitor from sidn.nl ending up lost and discouraged. Another change we've made is to list registrars' trading names and logos, instead of their formal company names. It's also possible for registrars to nominate separate landing pages for special services, such as the Domain Name Surveillance Service and .nl Control.

Smart suggestion tool

Our upgraded website features a suggestion tool as well. So, if a visitor finds that the domain name they want is taken, we can offer them a few alternatives in a similar vein. The tool has proved to be a big hit, encouraging us to add lots of additional functionalities next year. In 2018, the tool's going from smart to super-smart! It's great that so many people are visiting sidn.nl for help finding the perfect .nl domain name, and we're determined to do all we can to make sure that they do find it.



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