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As the operator of the .nl domain, we are always looking for new ways of further increasing our domain's security and stability. With that aim in mind, we record 'DNS data': the queries sent by computers and internet-enabled devices whenever they want to reach a .nl domain. The collected data undergoes automatic analysis, enabling the early detection of irregularities and threats.

DNS traffic includes personal data

Some of the DNS traffic handled by the .nl name servers consists of personal data. An IP address can come under that heading, as can a domain name for which the corresponding IP address is requested. The law requires us to take great care with personal data, and obviously that's what we want to do. We have therefore developed a Privacy Framework, which is built into the platform that we use for processing the 'big data' we collect. Using the Privacy Framework, a privacy policy is developed for each of our applications that utilises DNS data. That enables us to take a systematic approach to striking the best possible balance between the security and stability benefits of each DNS big data application and the privacy implications for .nl users. 

Responsible use of data

Our Privacy Board was set up primarily to ensure that all our DNS big data analysis activities are lawful and responsible. For every application we develop that uses DNS big data, we define a privacy policy. That policy is then reviewed by an internal Privacy Board. The Board's job is to consider whether the policy provides a sound basis for authorising realisation of the application. However, the Board also gives advice on other privacy-related issues. It considers the privacy implications of new products and services, for example.

Membership of the Privacy Board

The Privacy Board is made up of SIDN personnel from various disciplines. Its current members are Jelte Jansen, Research Engineer at SIDN Labs, and Karin Vink, SIDN's Legal Counsel. All members consider the content of privacy policies submitted for approval.


Questions about the published privacy policies or their assessment may be mailed to

Privacy Board rulings

Use the links below to view the various privacy policies reviewed by the Privacy Board and its ruling in each case.


Karin Vink

Legal counsel

+31 26 352 55 00


Jelte Jansen

Reasearch engineer

+31 26 352 55 00

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