SIDN-videoblogs of ICANN Londen

Published on: Wednesday 25 June 2014

The fiftieth ICANN meeting will take place in London. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is global coordinator of IP addresses and domain names. Representatives come from all over the world during this meeting together to share about how the Internet should be, in terms of policy, technology and administrative.

Representatives of SIDN

A few colleagues of SIDN are at the ICANN-meeting in London. They represent the interests of .nl and they discuss in the various working groups about the latest developments.


Our colleagues share their experiences of ICANN50 via a video blog. View the SIDN video blogs:

SIDN-videoblog day 1

What is ICANN about and why is it importent for registrars.

SIDN-videoblog day 2

The developments in the field of gTLDs and registrars interests.

SIDN-videoblog day 3

The transition of IANA and how that effects registrars.

ICANN50 London

You can join the ICANN Conference online via


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