SIDN and Registrars’ Association extend cooperation agreement

Published on: Wednesday 21 May 2014

SIDN’s CEO Roelof Meijer and Registrars’ Association Chair Erik Logtenberg and Secretary Flip Keijzer yesterday signed a new cooperation agreement between the two organisations. The agreement paves the way for SIDN and the Registrars’ Association to continue working together in the years ahead. Like its predecessor, the new agreement runs for three years.

Registrars’ Association

SIDN’s constitution has always required that a body representing the registrars should be able to advise SIDN, on request or of its own accord. That role was originally performed by the Registrars’ Advisory Council, until it disbanded in 2006. Thereafter, the need for a new representative body to succeed the Council became increasingly apparent, resulting in formation of the Registrars’ Association (RA) in 2011. The RA was given the power not only to advise SIDN, but also to nominate one person for membership of the Supervisory Board.

Close cooperation between SIDN and Registrars’ Association

In recent years, SIDN and the Registrars’ Association have worked closely on various matters. A new pricing and billing system was developed, agreement was reached on the listing of resellers in the Whois and on the reinstatement of quarantined domain names. In addition, RA committees have provided input on operational matters in the fields of legal affairs, marketing and technology. At the start of this year, SIDN and the RA reviewed their relationship and reached an understanding regarding the further improvement of cooperation between the two organisations. The extension agreement that was signed today was born out of that understanding.

Registrars are the link between SIDN and the market

SIDN’s CEO Roelof Meijer commented: “Extension of the agreement shows that SIDN and the RA have made real progress in terms of working together. Over the last few years, there has been intensive cooperation on a number of extremely influential matters. We haven’t always agreed on everything, but the value of having input from an organisation that can speak for the registrar community has been demonstrated over and again. The registrars are our link with the market and are therefore one of our most important stakeholder groups.”

Collective drive makes the domain name industry a leading sector

RA Chair Erik Logtenberg added: “Cooperation with SIDN has been improving consistently. The RA is the body in which domain-related knowledge and talent is concentrated, which means that the feedback and input we provide has real added value for SIDN in a variety of fields. Our great strength is our network of affiliated registrars. We believe that our members deserve the best possible .nl and that, in the context of constructive cooperation with SIDN, our collective drive makes the domain name industry a leading sector of the Dutch economy.”


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