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SIDN Operations

SIDN Operations includes the Customer Support and ICT Departments.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Department plays an important role in the registration and management of all .nl domain names. The team is at the ready to deal with customer enquiries as quickly and effectively as possible. That means taking phone calls and answering questions sent by e-mail, Twitter and other social media. In order to assure the quality of our services and keep customer satisfaction high, we are always developing. Wherever we see an opportunity, we upgrade our customer processes, so that we can provide the best possible services. We're also involved in abuse prevention and legal processes such as mediating in domain name disputes.


Our ICT Department takes care of SIDN's computer systems and other technology. A lot of the department's attention is of course focused on the applications for registering and publishing domain names in the .nl internet zone. The development of new services and functionality is the responsibility of three agile teams within SIDN. The ICT Department is made up of several specialist teams:

ICT Operations

Operations is responsible for the daily management and availability of our core business, the DNS, DRS, network, platforms, tooling and associated security.

ICT Development

Development is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the software for existing and new services and functionalities. The team also assures the quality of IT applications developed within SIDN, by means of operational risk-based testing.

ICT General

Our General team takes care of all other ICT-related matters, such as developing annual ICT plans and budgets.

SIDN Commercial

Our Commercial Department is responsible for bringing our services to market. That means listening carefully to our registrars, so that we are able to improve and extend our services wherever appropriate. We also develop new, related propositions that help to enhance the utility, accessibility and security of the internet. At the moment, for example, we're working on propositions involving online security and digital identities, with a view to increasing SIDN's value to the community and economy. One of them is CyberSterk, a cybersecurity product for SMEs. Our product and service portfolio is brought to market via various online and offline channels.


SIDN Labs is SIDN's research team. Our aim is to increase the security and resilience of the communication pathways between internet-connected devices by means of empirical, measurement-based research and by prototyping and evaluating new internet systems and tools. We make our research results available to and suitable for the wider internet community. We also apply our results to the operational challenges that face SIDN and issues that arise from time to time.

Central support departments

Connecting people and organisations to promote safe and convenient digital living wouldn't be possible without our central support departments. The departments provide optimum support, advice and insight to help SIDN pursue its mission.

• Finance & Control

Like every healthy organisation, SIDN needs to process incoming payments and make sure suppliers and others get paid on time. That's the role of our Finance & Control Department. We gather financial data so that we can give the organisation sound advice to support strategic decision-making. And we prepare monthly reports for the Supervisory Board and the management. We also assist project teams by providing financial expertise.

• Communications

People throughout SIDN are, of course, communicating all the time. But strategic, external and internal communications are handled by the Communications Department. We look after a variety of communications channels, including SIDN's websites, social media accounts and mailing lists. We're also the first point of contact for the media. In addition, we help other SIDN teams to get the right message across to the right audience.


In a highly dynamic landscape and an increasingly international market, good recruitment and effective development of existing personnel are very important. At the HRM Department, we also ensure that everyone who works for SIDN is able to realise their full potential in an inspirational working environment.

• Legal

SIDN is an expert organisation in the field of domain names and the internet. In the Legal Department, we provide support on all the legal aspects of that role, from registration policy to purchase contracts and the settlement of disputes. We also help SIDN's Customer Support specialists whenever legal questions arise.

• Security

At Security, our role is ensuring that SIDN's primary services, such as the DNS, DRS and Whois, remain secure and consistently available to our customers. While security is overseen and promoted by our Security Officer, it's ultimately the responsibility of everyone who works for SIDN.

• Support

Our management assistants provide essential support to SIDN's departmental managers and executives, enabling them to perform their own roles effectively. The Support team also includes Reception and Facility Services, who are responsible for welcoming visitors and providing a well-appointed working environment.


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