Wanted: the best internet theses

For the annual Internet Thesis Awards, SIDN Fund is looking for the best theses on the subject of the internet. Four awards are up for grabs, with each winner receiving a cash prize of € 2,000. SIDN Fund is putting up the prize for the best research project in the category Internet & Society.

The other three prize categories are: - Internet & Economy (Google) - Internet & Law (Brinkhof) - Internet & Technology (Greenhost) Want to submit your thesis for consideration? Nominations are open until 8 September 2019. Visit the (Dutch) Internet Thesis Awards website for details. For information about previous winners of the SIDN Fund-sponsored prize, visit the Fund's website.

  • Friday 26 April 2019

    SIDN Labs

    Making the DNS more private with QNAME minimisation


    Minimising the query name

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  • Tuesday 27 March 2018

    SIDN Labs

    Keeping the DNS independent and resilient


    Research into concentration within the DNS, the consequences and possible solutions

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  • Monday 3 September 2018

    .nl domain name

    What's the longest domain name?


    The longest .nl domain name is sixty-three characters long.

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