SIDN Fund will continue its work

Foundation has already supported 150 projects that are helping to make the internet stronger

Following detailed evaluation, SIDN has decided that SIDN Fund will continue its work in the coming years. SIDN Fund is an independent foundation that SIDN set up a few years ago to promote prosperity and wellbeing in the Netherlands by supporting initiatives that boost the internet's social and economic value to the nation. Having started work in spring 2015, SIDN Fund has already made grants to nearly 150 innovative projects that are helping everyone by making the internet stronger.

A strong internet sector is the basis for innovation in the Netherlands

According to SIDN, the evaluation shows that the Fund is making a good job of fulfilling its mission and realising its objectives. By doing so, the Fund is contributing to SIDN's aim of delivering added value for the internet community and thus the general good. "After all, a strong internet sector is the basis for innovation in the Netherlands and for increasing the prosperity and welfare of the nation," added Roelof Meijer.

Greater focus on the further development of sustainable projects with impact

The decision that SIDN Fund will continue means that support will be available to numerous innovative projects that make the internet stronger, reinforce the knowledge and skills of internet users, and promote creative and innovative use of the net. "When making grants, we'll be focusing even more on the further development of sustainable projects with impact," emphasised Valerie Frissen, CEO of SIDN Fund. "That'll be achieved through guidance and coaching and by putting project managers in touch with appropriate experts, financiers and other foundations in our network. We're also committed to getting .nl registrars more involved with the Fund. Last but not least, we'll be putting time and energy into telling the world about all the incredible things that 'our' projects have achieved and in the process emphasising what the Fund is all about: a strong, open and free internet for all."

Want to know more?

The evaluation's key findings are summarised in a (Dutch) report entitled Evaluatie – 3 jaar SIDN fonds ('Evaluation – Three years of SIDN Fund').





Marnie van Duijnhoven

Communication Manager / Spokesman

+31 6 46 10 85 22

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