SIDN and Connectis: the picture after a 100+ days

At the start of the year, we announced that SIDN had acquired a majority stake in Connectis. Connectis is one of the Netherlands' biggest suppliers of secure log-in solutions. The Connectis-SIDN link-up was seen as a big boost for the digital identities market. So how are things working out, five months on?

Simple, secure log-ins

More than twelve million Dutch people use the Connectis infrastructure to log in to upwards of 250 service providers, including large health and non-health insurers, publishers, local governments and central government departments. The highly skilled Connectis team has developed an innovative platform for secure log-ins, mobile authentication and interfacing with existing log-in systems, such as DigiD, eHerkenning, iDIN (bank ID) and eIDAS. In eIDAS, Connectis also offers the first independent pan-European solution for secure on-line identification.

The Hundred Day Plan: sharing knowledge and securing clients

Before joining forces with Connectis, SIDN had no specialist expertise in the field of digital IDs. The months since the acquisition have therefore been used to build up knowledge about Connectis and its products and services. We have also been exploring the scope for securing efficiency gains by working together more closely and sharing knowledge. For example, we have professionalised Connectis's administrative processes and provided support with legal and HR issues.

Added marketing and sales impetus

We've also given further impetus to Connectis's marketing and sales strategy with a view to realising the market growth potential of the existing products and services. Those efforts are already bearing fruit: sales talks are currently in progress with several banks and insurers, and we are active in the logistics sector. In addition, we've been working to build constructive relations with the government, as well as participating in eIDAS tendering processes in other EU states. With the aim of reinforcing its commercial capabilities and utilising market opportunities, Connectis is currently expanding its sales and marketing organisation.

New registrar propositions coming soon!

It's taken a little longer to complete the post-acquisition tasks than originally envisaged. However, everything is now in place for the next phase. And that is to pursue the development of new Connectis products and services that our registrars can add to their portfolios. Possibilities include security propositions, identity management solutions and smart log-in systems for various sectors. In developing the new propositions, care will be taken to avoid competition with registrars' existing services, and everything will be designed for marketing through the registrar network, just like .nl domain names. We've agreed with the Registrars' Association that our ideas for registrar propositions will be discussed first at our next meeting with the RA Board in the autumn.

Recap: how the acquisition of Connectis supports our ambitions

In recent years, we've extended our focus beyond the .nl domain. Ably supported by our registrars, we've achieved great success with the .nl domain, building up enormous knowledge and experience in the process. Partnership with Connectis opens the way for putting that knowledge and experience to wider use for the benefit of Dutch society. The acquisition of a majority stake in Connectis forms an important part of our chosen long-term strategy and our aim of ultimately becoming less dependent on .nl. The acquisition means that we will immediately become an important player on the digital identities market. It also supports our ambition to increase the value, convenience and security of digital living for people and organisations. And helps us boost the value of 'Netherlands Inc'.


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