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Sean Schuurman van Rouwendal, our Business Intelligence Analyst, looks at how the .nl domain developed over the last quarter.

At the end of the first quarter, the total number of registered .nl domain names was 5,617,753. That equates to a net increase of 13,948. Although the growth was modest by historical standards (the domain grew by about 25,000 names as recently as the first quarter of 2015), it was higher than we had expected. Our forecasts had suggested that new registrations would start to fall gradually, but in fact they remained roughly unchanged.

The number of new domain names registered during the quarter topped 230,000, while the number of cancellations was 222,000. Overall growth includes domain names reinstated from quarantine, of which there were about four thousand last quarter.

Numbers of creates and deletes and net growth per quarter

Figure 1 Numbers of creates and deletes and net growth per quarter

The number of DNSSEC domain names grew more than the total number of registered .nl domain names, by just over 15,000 to 2,499,811. That means that 44.5 per cent of the zone is now signed.

DNSSEC in .nl

 Figure 2 DNSSEC in .nl


The global total number of registered domain names went up by 11.7 million to nearly 291 million. While growth was 10 per cent down on Q4 2015, it was nevertheless the third highest quarterly figure recorded since we started monitoring global numbers (see graph below).

Mondiale netto groei per kwartaal

Figure 3 Global net growth per quarter

It was the second quarter in a row that very high growth was recorded. Again, the biggest drivers were .com and .cn. Those domains hit net growth figures of 2.5 and 2.2 million, respectively, and accounted for 40 per cent of the overall increase. However, a number of new gTLDs also grew by several hundred thousand, with eye-catching performances by .xyz (+920,000), .top (+850,000) and .wang (+470,000).

League table of TLDs

Figure 4 League table of TLDs (asterisked figures are estimates)



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