News media have work to do

When it comes to domain name security, the news media are not doing well.

When it comes to domain name security, the news media are not doing well. We've surveyed the websites of newspapers and broadcast news providers and found that only 15 per cent of Dutch media titles have secured their domain names using DNSSEC. As a result, visitors are at risk of being misdirected to false sites.

Most news media don't use DNSSEC

We checked the domain names of all the Netherlands' regional and national daily papers and broadcast news providers to see whether they were DNSSEC-enabled. And we found that a massive 85 per cent of the websites weren't using DNSSEC (a cryptographic security enhancement). Omrop Fryslân was the country's only regional news site with DNSSEC enabled, for example. The national media outlets didn't come out of the survey much better. Although 46 per cent of all .nl domain names are signed with DNSSEC, the figure for news media domains is much lower.

News media have work to do

Where domain name security is concerned, the news media have a lot of ground to make up. Newspapers and broadcasters are well advised to secure their websites and to make sure they use the latest internet standards. Use the tool on to check whether a news website uses modern standards such as DNSSEC or HTTPS.




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