New series of 'When I grow up'

With support from SIDN

What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a question that children are often asked. In the Dutch TV programme Later als ik groot ben ('When I grow up'), Jochem van Gelder looks at children who know exactly what they want to do in adult life. A new twelve-part series of the programme starts on RTL4 on Saturday 12 October. SIDN is sponsoring When I grow up, which will underline the importance of digital skills for children.

ICT and digital skills matter in all lines of work

Each episode profiles a young person nearing the end of primary school, having a go at their dream job. They include Luana, who wants to be a teacher, and Chloe, who dreams of developing medicines. The programme makers point out the importance of information technology in each of the professions. Because, no matter what line of work you choose, ICT knowledge and digital skills are going to help you do your job.

Watch every episode!

From 12 October, people with access to Dutch TV can catch When I grow up at 5pm Dutch time on RTL4. Each episode will also be made available on Youtube: When I grow up. Happy viewing!



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