New CEO Connectis

Remco Coenen starts on 1 November

As of 1 November, Remco Coenen is taking the helm at Connectis, one of the Netherlands' biggest suppliers of secure log-in solutions. Remco succeeds Roelof Meijer, SIDN's Chief Executive, who has also been acting as interim CEO at Connectis. Under Coenen's guidance, Connectis aims to take the next step towards realisation of its growth ambitions and help build a future of secure log-in solutions and reusable digital identities.


Since 1998, Remco Coenen has held IT positions in various sectors, working at CIO and/or COO level since 2001. Remco has very extensive experience in fields such as IT services, business development, software and SaaS development, acquired at a range of medium-sized enterprises and multinationals. For the last three years, he has been working as COO at ARS Traffic & Transport Technology. His previous roles include Director of IT Infrastructure Services Continental Europe at Cognizant and various CIO and COO roles at international financial institutions. Remco holds a doctorate in Quality Assurance from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology.

Safe and convenient digital living for everyone

Since 2017, Connectis has been part of SIDN, the company whose activities include running the .nl internet domain. The .nl domain is one of the biggest and most secure country-code domains in the world. While domain registration remains the core of SIDN's activities, the company is developing various new products and services linked to digital identities and digital security. Connectis's service portfolio was therefore a perfect match for SIDN's direction of travel. The acquisition of Connectis also supported SIDN's ambition of energising the market for digital identities to make digital living easier and safer for everyone.

About Connectis, supplier of on-line identification infrastructure

Connectis supplies on-line identification infrastructures that connect organisations, sectors and countries. The solutions developed by Connectis make it easy and safe for the clients of large service providers, including major health and general insurers, publishers, local governments and central government departments to log in using DigiD, eHerkenning, Facebook, Google, eIDAS, Bank-ID/iDIN and other media. More than 250 organisations use Connectis's certified broker for the online identification of more than ten million users. The company's software and eHerkenning tokens are used by upward of fifty thousand organisations to log in securely to public and private services. Seventy per cent of all eHerkenning transactions are made using Connectis's software and infrastructure.



Marnie van Duijnhoven

Communication Manager / Spokesman

+31 6 46 10 85 22

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