Less info about private registrants visible in Whois

From Tuesday 1 March 2016, the names of private registrants won't be shown in the Whois. If you are a business registrant, you will have the option of making more info about your organisation visible.

Distinction between business and private registrants

From 1 March, how much information we give about a registrant in the Whois will depend on whether the registrant is a business or a private individual. We define a 'private registrant' as a natural person not acting in a professional or commercial capacity. A 'business registrant' is the registrant of a domain name registered for a business or an organisation.The changes are summarised in the following table.

Private Business
Present situation New situation Present situation New situation
Name registrant Mandatory Not shown Mandatory Mandatory
Registrant's postal address Not shown Not shown Not shown Optional, default = not shown
Administrative contact e-mail Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory

Property in Domain Registration System

From 1 March, the Whois will show a limited set of details about any domain name whose registrant is recorded as being a person. If the property Natural person is assigned to the registrant in our Domain Registration System, the registrant's name will automatically be withheld from view.

Wherever another property is assigned to the registrant, the registration is treated as a business registration. With business registrations, the name of the registrant is visible in the Whois. By default, a business registrant's postal address is not available from the Whois. However, if you are a business registrant, you have the option of making your addresses visible. To get your address made visible, please contact your registrar.

Your registrar can also help if for any reason the wrong property has been assigned, meaning that more information about you is available from the Whois than there should be.

What if you need to know more about a registrant?

Sometimes, you may really need more information about a private registrant. From 1 March, additional information will be available on request to anyone with a demonstrable legitimate interest. You have a legitimate interest if any of the following applies:

  • You need more information to resolve a technical problem relating to the working of the internet.

  • You need more information to protect intellectual property rights.

  • You need more information to prevent or deal with illegal or damaging internet content.

A reasoned request for additional information can be made using the 'request for contact details', which can be downloaded from our website.

Changes to General Terms and Conditions

We have updated our General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants, our Data Protection Policy and the associated Guide, so that they reflect the new situation with the Whois. You can download new versions of the documents at the bottom of this page.



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