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As the organisation behind the .nl domain, we like to hear what the (Dutch) business community thinks about the internet and its use, and about topics such as security, privacy and domain names. Would you be interested in sharing your views with us, maybe anonymously? If so, we'd love you to join the SIDN Panel

Join the SIDN Panel

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What's involved

  • We'll regularly invite you to take part in short surveys.

  • The surveys will be organised using the Checkmarket on-line survey tool.

  • You can leave the Panel or change your details any time.

  • If you like, we'll send you the findings of the surveys when they come out.

We respect your privacy 

  • You can ask to join the SIDN Panel by following the 'SIDN Panel enrolment form' link (only in Dutch). SIDN reserves the right to decline enrolment requests.

  • SIDN will record your details in a database in order to contact you by e-mail. We'll contact you from the domain '', using Checkmarket software ( 

  • Any input you provide will be anonymised, unless you indicate that you are happy for your name to be provided with your feedback in a particular case.

  • As an SIDN Panel member, you'll regularly receive short surveys from SIDN. You aren't under any obligation to respond, though naturally we'd like you to. We'll also send you the findings of the surveys when they come out.

  • You'll be able to change your details or leave the Panel at any time and with immediate effect. We'll also tell you what data we have about you any time you ask. Just mail

  • If you leave the Panel, we'll delete your data within six months.

Check out the full SIDN Panel Privacy Statement


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    .nl not affected by global domain hijacking campaign


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