Join SIDN at the Dutch Open Hackathon

26 & 27 May, Dutch Innovation Factory, Zoetermeer

For the fourth time Dutch Open Hackathon takes place at the inspiring Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer on 26 and 27 May! We challenge our registrars to enter and join a team of SIDN experts. Spend a weekend with other developers and creatives getting to grips with challenges that set your mind racing -- helped by a range of unique datasets, APIs and hardware made available by five of the Netherlands' key organisations: Kadaster, KPN, the National Police, PostNL and SIDN.

Great prizes for coming up with creative applications

Take on the challenge of coming up with applications and creative solutions for practical, everyday issues, and you could win a great prize, such as incubation for your project and a tasty cash award. Give open innovation a boost and devote your brainpower to developing digital services that will have a positive impact on everyday life for consumers and organisations. How can people and organisations safely benefit from the Internet of Things? How can you make homes smarter without making them vulnerable? How can businesses interact without risking sensitive information leaks? How can we use technology to make everyday life more convenient and more secure? Experts from the five host organisations will be at the Hackathon to help you think through your ideas.

Enter the hackathon in a joint team of registrars and SIDN

Accept the challenge and enter the hackathon in a joint team of registrars and SIDN. Register now by sending an email to You can develop a completely new project or idea, or refine something that's already out there. Each team can have up to six members. We aim for two mixed teams of registrars and SIDN experts.

Party on!

As at the three previous Hackathons, participants will want for nothing. Great food, comfortable workstations, cosy sleeping cabins and plenty of scope for simply hanging out. Not to mention a celebratory drink on Sunday evening. And of course all kinds of cool gadgets. Tot 26 en 27 mei!


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