Find the perfect .nl with our new smart suggestion tool

Finding the right domain name to help you realise your plans is now easier than ever with our upgraded smart suggestion tool. The tool makes it easy to search more than five million possible names. All of them available for immediate registration, so that you too can have the perfect .nl.

Domain name suggestions

Our new domain name suggestion tool gives you more ideas and better ideas for the perfect .nl. It also lets you set filters, so that the suggested names are more in line with what you want.

How does the suggestion tool work?

Our domain name generator makes synonym-based suggestions. It also scans a database of former domain names that are now available for re-registration. 

Extra options

Our new tool gives you extra options:

  • Enable or disable suggestions that include your GPS location

  • Enable or disable suggestions that include numbers

  • Enable or disable suggestions that include hyphens

  • Set a maximum length for suggestions

  • Add or remove search terms

  • Add or remove synonyms

Register your perfect .nl straight away

If you like a suggestion, you simply add it to your wish list. When you're done choosing, you can register your chosen name or names straight away: just select an agency ('registrar') to handle the registration for you. We'll give you a choice of registrars, and your domain name(s) will often be carried over to the chosen registrar's website. So there's no retyping! What could be easier?


Tips for choosing a domain name

Tip 1: Wondering whether your chosen domain name will rank high in search results? Choose a domain name that's easy to type. A catchy domain name combined with relevant content always does well!

Tip 2: Your domain name doesn't have to say what you do. That can sometimes help, but it isn't essential. Search engines reward quality. An original and logical domain name will do fine.

Tip 3: Some years ago, the advice was always to keep your domain name as short as possible. Nowadays, though, almost no one types a whole domain name into their browser. People do a search and click a link. So the main thing now is that your URL clearly identifies the website that goes with it. And a slightly longer domain name is often better for that.


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