Doing business on line: Facebook or your own domain?

What are the pros and cons?

What's best for doing business: Facebook or your own domain? Many people and organisations are asking themselves that question again following recent revelations about the use of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica. In practice, many businesses use both channels. But some rely entirely on a Facebook page. So what are the pros and cons? We've draw up a list to help you out.

Facebook Website
Creating a page is free.

Domain registration and hosting are paid services.

No building required: page format is standard.

You build the site yourself, e.g. using tools such as WordPress, Wix or Joomla.

No maintenance required.

You need to maintain the site.

Having only a Facebook page makes a less professional impression and offers limited scope for branding.

Having your own domain looks more professional or 'corporate'. There's ample scope for branding.

You're completely dependent on Facebook, you can't transfer and your advertising is largely limited to Facebook.

Domain name and website can be moved to another service provider any time, and you can do your own search engine optimisation.

You have little control over what appears on your page.

You have full control over your content.

Data about visitors (potential customers) goes to Facebook. Visitor data is yours alone.

Ultimately, more than 80 per cent of Dutch businesses opt for their own website (source: Trends in Internet Use 2016). And with good reason: it looks more professional and keeps you in control.


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