Come to the DHPA TechFest!

On 24 May, the DHPA TechFest 2018 takes place at Naarderbos in Naarden.

On 24 May, the DHPA TechFest 2018 takes place at Naarderbos in Naarden. As one of the event partners, SIDN will be running a workshop on the fight against fake webshops. Tickets for the DHPA TechFest are free, so why not reserve yours now?

What it's all about

The DHPA TechFest is the event for and by internet technicians. Everything from hardware to music will be covered, with lots to inspire visitors and some knockabout fun in the form of the National Server Throwing Championships. The DHPA TechFest 2018 will have four podiums and a fantastic open-air terrace that's sure to raise the pulse of every techie. The event programme is all about variety, with thought-provoking keynote speakers and a great DJ for the afternoon's final session.

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Line-up for 2018

At their workshop on the fight against fake webshops, SIDN's Chiel van Spaandonk and Giovane Moura will go through the tell-tale signs that mark a shop out as a scam. They'll go on to consider how common fake webshops actually are, and what happens when one's detected.

Also on the agenda are robotics, the smell of data, serverless computing, VMware cloud on AWS, quantum computing, a VR escape room, blockchain, the IoT and the National Server Throwing Championships. Between the sessions, there'll be plenty of opportunity to chat with other professionals and get your hands on the latest tooling.

Register now!

For the full programme, visit the DHPA TechFest website. Free tickets can be booked at


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