Big rise in IPv6-enabled domain names

Incentive scheme for registrars bears fruit

Around the world, IPv6 is on the up. And, although the trend was a slow-starter in the Netherlands, the number of IPv6-enabled .nl domain names has more than doubled in the last six months. Over one and a half million of them can now be reached using the new protocol. We hope to see the figure up around two million by the end of the year.

Ontwikkeling IPv6 domeinen

Switch to IPv6 has to happen

IPv6 is the successor to IPv4, the established internet addressing protocol. A new protocol is needed for the simple reason that the internet is now so big that there just aren't enough IPv4 addresses to give every connected device a unique ID. The shortage has been causing problems for a while. Migration to IPv6 has to happen, and we want to support it.

Why updating is important

A global total of three billion people now use the internet. Often for privacy-sensitive, high-value transactions. Yet legacy internet standards date from the seventies and eighties, when user numbers were a fraction of what they are today. Those standards aren't sufficiently scalable and don't meet modern security requirements. If we want the internet to remain reliable, we have to start using smarter modern standards. A whole generation of new internet standards is coming on stream, and IPv6 is one of them.

Rewards pay!

Our Registrar Scorecard (RSC) exists to encourage registrars to help build a better, safer internet.

The RSC is an incentive scheme, through which we reward registrars for contributing to the quality of the .nl zone. We currently scan RSC members' domain name portfolios for several quality determinants: the combination of active domain name use and low cancellation rate (actively used domain names being less likely to get cancelled), registration data quality and support for DNSSEC. For the last six months, we've additionally been rewarding registrars that have a lot of IPv6-enabled domain names in their portfolios. And the policy is working! The number of domain names that can be reached using IPv6 has more than doubled since the rewards came in.


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