Alert Online 2014: get net-wise!

Published on: Sunday 26 October 2014

In the Netherlands, we are spending more and more time on line. At work, at school, at home and on the move. With our phones, our tablets and our computers. Fortunately, we are also increasingly aware of the risks involved. We understand that one click can lead to infection of the device we’re using or even the whole network. Or our credit card details falling into the hands of fraudsters. Alert Online is running from 27 October to 6 November 2014.

Joint campaign to increase knowledge of online safety

Being alert to the risks is very important. But do we also know what we can do to reduce them? Alert Online, a joint initiative by the Dutch government, business community and scientific community has been set up to help boost awareness of online safety. For people of all ages, from the shop floor to the boardroom. Using clear and practical tips and tricks for making our online lives safer.

Alert OnlineA safe digital nation for everyone

The Netherlands has a higher concentration of internet connections than almost any other country in the world. And internet banking is bigger here than anywhere in Europe. Dutch people are on line all the time and everywhere. That gives the Netherlands an advantage and creates opportunities for innovation and economic growth. But it also means that everyone here has to be aware of the dangers and risks. A single click of the mouse can unintentionally lead to a whole network being infected or to the disclosure of all your personal details or your customer information. So everyone needs to think carefully when buying, using and looking after ICT equipment, both at home and at work. That way, we can all help to make the Netherlands a safe digital nation, where everyone can take advantage of all the good things that technology offers without having to worry.

SIDN and Alert Online

Alert Online 2014 has more than a hundred partners, including SIDN. From 27 October to 6 November, a wide range of activities is being organised for Alert Online. SIDN is involved with Holland Strikes Back – an event that DHPA and ISP Connect are hosting on 28 October. There will be presentations, workshops, a debate and an info market, where visitors can learn more about cyber security and share their experiences.


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