The.nlyst: DDoS, local anycast and Domain Name Surveillance Service

Published on: Thursday 27 February 2014

Read the latest edition of The.nlyst, SIDN's quarterly magazine.

The success of the internet also has a down side. Its very importance for society and the economy means that the net is increasingly a medium or a target for people intent on crime or mischief. In 2013, we saw more examples of abuse than ever. Various prominent Dutch institutions were the victims of DDoS attacks. SIDN has been working to protect itself against such threats, with countermeasures that include the rollout of a local anycast network. The new edition of The.nlyst features the anycast initiative, plus first-hand accounts from two registrars of their experiences of DDoS attacks and their responses to them. One solution is the anti-DDoS service developed by NBIP, which CEO Alex Bik describes for us. Finally, we introduce our new Domain Name Surveillance Service, which scans for typosquats and draws them to the attention of subscribers.


The.nlyst is SIDN's quarterly magazine for everyone with a professional or personal interest in the .nl domain and the internet. And is distributed free of charge to SIDN's registrars and other relations. Each edition is also made available in digital form on this website. If you would prefer to receive printed copies of the magazine by post, please e-mail your name, address and profession to We will then add you to the mailing list for future editions.


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