Simplerinvoicing and SIDN join forces

Published on: Sunday 21 September 2014

The Simplerinvoicing Foundation and SIDN, the company behind .nl, will be working closely together to expedite the introduction and adoption of electronic invoices that conform to the European standard (PEPPOL).


SIDN will initially take over a number of operational tasks from Simplerinvoicing, with a view to assuming full responsibility for management of the Simplerinvoicing package system in due course. By entering into the partnership, the Simplerinvoicing Foundation aims to further professionalise and future-proof the administration of e-invoicing standards and the fulfilment of its governance tasks.

SIDN has the expertise that Simplerinvoicing needs

Set up by a consortium of e-invoicing service providers, Simplerinvoicing is the new standard for sending and receiving electronic invoices using e-invoicing, ERP or accounting software. Bram Kuijper, CEO of the Simplerinvoicing Foundation said, “Simplerinvoicing has been operating since November 2013 and now has a solid basis. We have built up a network that includes the main service providers active in the field. The point has now been reached where the standard can be adopted and used much more widely by the Dutch business community. With that aim in mind, we have been looking for a partner to help us take Simplerinvoicing forward. SIDN is an ideal prospective partner organisation for us. SIDN has enormous expertise of the kind that we need and SIDN’s track record as the .nl registry can be a real asset to Simplerinvoicing.”

A logical partnership

SIDN’s CEO Roelof Meijer commented, “We are very pleased to be partnering Simplerinvoicing. It’s a great opportunity for us to take the experience and unique expertise that we’ve built up by running .nl and utilise it for other purposes, increasing our own added value. The work that the Simplerinvoicing Foundation does has a lot in common with the running of an internet domain. The development and administration of technical standards, the cooperation with a network of agents and stakeholders and the definition and maintenance of policy and procedures – there are numerous areas of overlap. What’s more, our two organisations have a shared understanding of how we can best work together and a shared vision of the future. Partnership with Simplerinvoicing also dovetails with our ambition to play a role within trust frameworks, which are going to be very important in relation to internet use and public confidence in the internet, as well as for the wider community.”

Phased transfer

Bram Kuijper: “The plan is to transfer management of the Simplerinvoicing package system to SIDN in phases. To begin with, SIDN will be a sort of subcontractor, with responsibility for operational activities. Over time, SIDN’s role will be expanded to include more strategic activities. Ultimately, we envisage SIDN assuming full responsibility for management of the Simplerinvoicing package system.” Roelof Meijer: “Although the two organisations are very similar in operational terms, e-invoicing is of course a new field for SIDN. The phased transfer will enable us to familiarise ourselves with the e-invoicing world and its market processes, and to adapt our organisation to accommodate the new role.”

About Simplerinvoicing

Brainchild of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Simplerinvoicing is a partnership of leading European e-invoicing  and accounting software service providers, all of whom favour the large-scale adoption of electronic invoicing. Simplerinvoicing’s founder members were Acceptemail, Anachron, Basware, BlueM, eVerbinding, Exact, Moneybird, PostNL, Ricoh Nederland, TIE Kinetix, Tieto, Unit4 and ZET Solutions. The Dutch government is represented in the consortium by Logius. Because electronic invoicing brings substantial cost and time savings, e-invoicing is also high on the EU’s Digital Agenda.

About SIDN

SIDN is responsible for the functional stability and development of the .nl internet domain. There are now more than five million registered .nl domain names and SIDN handles more than a billion search queries every day. SIDN is well respected in the fields of governance and administration, where it operates as an expert partner on technical, legal and policy matters relating to domain names and the domain name infrastructure. From that basis, SIDN is also closely involved with various wider community initiatives, with the emphasis on increasing the security, reliability, openness and accessibility of the internet. Because the internet plays an increasingly important role in the economy and society, SIDN supports various initiatives, through which government, the business community and the scientific community work together to achieve innovation.


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