SETAR and SIDN sign cooperation agreement on .aw, the top-level domain for Aruba

Published on: Wednesday 5 March 2014

SETAR, the local telecom operator and registry for Aruba's country-code domain .aw, has signed a cooperation agreement with SIDN (the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands). Under the agreement, SIDN will provide registry services for .aw.

SETAR will use SIDN's systems for registering .aw domain names and for administering the .aw domain. The agreement is for an initial period of five years. From 1 March, SIDN will make a new registration system available, plus related systems such as a Whois and an extension to SETAR's DNS infrastructure. In addition, all existing .aw domain names have been migrated to the new system. A fresh .aw zone file will be generated and published on the upgraded DNS infrastructure every two hours by the SIDN-operated registration system.

Although the arrival of new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) means that the number of registry service providers seeking to administer new domains is growing all the time, careful consideration led SETAR to choose SIDN as its partner for the professionalisation of .aw. SIDN has administered the .nl domain for more than fifteen years and has consequently built up a great deal of expertise in the field of domain names. SIDN is also widely recognised as one of the most secure and reliable registries in the world.


SETAR is Aruba's telecommunications sector pioneer and leader. As the national telecoms company, SETAR strives to use innovative technology to constantly introduce the latest products and services to Aruba, and to provide customers with the best possible value for money. SETAR provides telephony, internet and GSM services, and administers Aruba's country-code domain, .aw. The .aw domain has been active since 1995 and demand for domain names using the extension has increased in recent years. SETAR is a wholly Aruban company, dedicated to ensuring that local people and visitors always have access to the communications services they need.


SIDN is responsible for the functional stability and development of the .nl internet domain. There are now more than five million registered .nl domain names and SIDN handles more than a billion search queries every day. SIDN is well respected in the fields of governance and administration, where it operates as an expert partner on technical, legal and policy matters relating to domain names and the domain name infrastructure. From that basis, SIDN is also closely involved with various wider community initiatives, with the emphasis on increasing the security, reliability, openness and accessibility of the internet. Because the internet plays an increasingly important role in the economy and society, SIDN supports various local and international initiatives, through which government, the business community and the scientific community work together to achieve innovation.


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