Beware of spoof invoices!

Published on: Tuesday 15 July 2014

SIDN has recently received a number of reports regarding invoices sent out by two firms called NL Domein Host and Domeinhost Nederland. The invoices in question are ´spoof invoices´ - misleading requests for payment – and we advise you not to pay them.

Don’t pay – do report

We advise anyone who receives an invoice from NL Domein Host and/or Domeinhost Nederland not to pay it. We also suggest that you immediately report the matter to the Advertising Fraud Support Centre at When reporting an incident, it is helpful to provide the Support Centre with a copy of the invoice. Having evidence about multiple cases helps the Support Centre to tackle the abuse.

What do NL Domein Host and Domeinhost Nederland do?

The two firms send what appear to be invoices for a service that they have provided, which usually involves the registration of domain names. However, in small print at the bottom of the page, it explains that the document is in fact a tender (an offer to provide a service) not an invoice for a service that has already been provided. In both cases, the trading name and website suggest that the firm supplies domain name registration services.

What SIDN is doing

We are warning everyone about the activities of the two firms and asking anyone who receives a spoof invoice to report it to the Advertising Fraud Support Centre – the Netherlands’ national reporting centre for dishonest advertising and other fraudulent commercial activities. Incidents can be reported at Unfortunately, we cannot take legal action against the two firms involved, because neither NL Domein Host nor Domeinhost Nederland is an SIDN registrar and neither makes use of our name or logos.

Voorbeeld spookfactuur NL Domein Host

Specimen spoof invoice PDF


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