Simplerinvoicing Foundation and SIDN end collaboration

SIDN and the Simplerinvoicing Foundation have decided to end their collaboration with effect from 1 July. Over the last four years, the two organisations have worked together successfully to promote the introduction and adoption of electronic invoicing in the Netherlands. Substantial progress has been achieved in both the government procurement sector and the business-to-business sector. Meanwhile, professionalisation has resulted in a foundation that is ready to take on the next phase in the development of Simplerinvoicing.

Growth targets realised

SIDN has been managing the e-invoicing standard and helping Simplerinvoicing to achieve its growth targets. During the partnership, Simplerinvoicing has gone from thirteen market players to a network of thirty-nine. Activation campaigns have also been organised in tandem with the government and market players to encourage end users to switch to e-invoicing. As a result, more than twelve thousand organisations are now able to accept and process e-invoices.

Simplerinvoicing: the next phase

Simplerinvoicing has now entered a new phase of development and therefore requires a different form of support. In the period ahead, the focus will be on continued cooperation and the reinforcement of the Simplerinvoicing community. Simplerinvoicing is now part of the Electronic Invoicing Standardisation Platform (, along with TNO and NEN. The STPE is dedicated to cross-sectoral collaboration, particularly in relation to invoicing. New applications and appropriate partners will also be sought, with a view to penetrating new markets.

Any questions?

Responsibility for administration will be assumed by headON Results. From 1 July, customers and participants may address enquiries to Information is also available from the website




Marnie van Duijnhoven


+31 6 46 10 85 22

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