Our core values

At SIDN, we contribute to prosperity and welfare by promoting problem-free, opportunity-rich digital living. The way we go about that is shaped by five core values, which define the character of our organisation.

  • Independent: you're in control of your work and development

Working here, you'll be free to use your knowledge and experience to make decisions in SIDN's best interests. We'll trust you to do that. So you'll be able to plan and organise your work as you see fit. We believe in people at all levels of the organisation having personal responsibility. Meaning that what you do and how you develop is up to you.

  • Reliable: people need to be able to rely on us

Security and stability really matter at SIDN, because of the crucial role we play in the internet world and the wider community. It's therefore vital that our systems work well and that we take great care of the data under our control. Everyone here accepts responsibility in that regard. We treat information with respect, we're honest and we keep our promises. If something isn't good enough, if mistakes have been made, we'll always hold our hands up. And put things right. Because it's essential that people can rely on us.

  • Professional: we set high standards

We deliver top-quality services. Whatever we do, we do it well. We're experts in our field and we know our job. Against that backdrop, everyone here is challenged to keep developing and improving. You'll be paid a fair salary that reflects your contribution to the organisation. And outstanding performance will be rewarded. We also set high standards: good isn't good enough. We're always quietly striving for excellence. But we like to enjoy ourselves as well. However hard we work, we also have a lot of fun.

  • Innovative: you'll get the chance to try out new ideas

It's essential that we always get the basics right. But there's scope for exploration and experiments as well. Spotting opportunities, refining processes and developing new products and services are part and parcel of life at SIDN. We also make a generous training budget available to everyone, ensuring a constant inflow of knowledge to feed innovation.

  • Customer oriented: we take care of you; you take care of the customer

Our customers are central to everything we do. We believe in being helpful, and in personal contact. We therefore take good care of you, so that you can take good care of the customer. We take a genuine interest in you as a person. We'll ask you how you're doing, we'll visit if you have a baby, and we'll send a 'get well' card if you're sick.


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