Warning: fake invoices going around

We are again warning people about fake invoices, currently being sent out in the names of NL Domein Host and Domeinhost Nederland. They look like genuine documents, but they aren't! We advise you not to respond to invoices or tenders unless you're sure that they're legitimate. Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to stop this kind of scam.

What can you do??

  1. Don't pay!

    If you've received one of these 'invoices', don't pay it.

    If you look at the small print at the bottom, you will see that it isn't really an invoice.

  2. Melding maken van fraude

    Please report all fake invoices to:

The more people complain, the easier it is to get something done.

How can you tell whether an invoice is a fake?

One of the fake invoices is shown below.ak een melding van de spookfactuur via:



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