Safer Internet Days comp: win a book about the internet!

Answer our prize question and win 1 of the 10 internet books!

Tuesday 6 February is Safer Internet Day! And this year, instead of just one day, there's a whole week when the spotlight will be on staying safe on line and digital skills for children and young people. SIDN thinks those are important issues. So we're backing Safer Internet Day by giving away books packed with facts about the internet. Get your child to answer our prize question for a chance to win a copy of WWW.wat? or NL Digitaal.Learn all about the internet!

Learn all about the internet!!

For today's youngsters, the internet is an integral part of everyday life. But children can't always create safe on-line environments for themselves, and they sometimes lack important skills. So the Safer Internet Days are being organised to encourage children, young people, parents and carers, teachers and social workers, as well as politicians, administrators and businesses to work together on building a better internet. Because making the internet better for children is a responsibility that everyone shares.

boek internet

SIDN is supporting the initiative by running a competition for children and young people. By answering a prize question, primary school children have the chance to win a copy of WWW.wat? The book answers seventy questions that children often ask about the internet. Youngsters at senior school can win NL Digitaal, which explains fifty key aspects of the digital world. Both books are in Dutch.

Prize question

Is surfing on a public Wi-Fi network safe?

What do you reckon? Write and tell us!

How to enter?

All you have to do is answer the prize question above. Send your answer to, along with your name and address. You'll also need to tell us whether you're at primary school or secondary school, so that if you win we can send the right book.

Picking the winners

On Tuesday 20 February, we'll hold a draw, and the ten lucky winners will be informed personally. If you're not in the first ten out of the hat, you can order the books from or another retailer.

Prize draw conditions

  • Entrants under the age of sixteen need permission from a parent.

  • Only one entry per person can be accepted.Our choice of winners is final and not open to discussion.

  • By entering, you agree that, if you win, SIDN is allowed to use the personal details provided and possibly a photograph without charge for promotional activities associated with the competition and when announcing winners via all media of its choice, including radio, television and internet.

  • Entitlement to an unclaimed prize lapses one month after the winner has been notified.

  • Entrants must attend a primary or secondary school in the Netherlands.

  • SIDN personnel are not allowed to enter.


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