New batch of internet projects gets the green light

On 24 January, SIDN Fund gave the green light to a new batch of innovative internet projects! Twelve pioneer projects and ten 'potentials' in the fields of privacy, security, digital skills and 'tech for good' will get underway in 2018 with the Fund's support. Want to know more? Read about the projects (in Ducth) at

Looking for project funding yourself? On 1 February, SIDN Fund opens its first grant application window of 2018. Special emphasis will be placed on Responsible AI, the Fund's theme for the year.


  • Monday 25 March 2019

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    The number-one digital identities event

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  • Wednesday 10 July 2019

    Internet security

    Security for the Internet of Things remains a challenge


    European legislation is in its infancy

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  • Thursday 4 July 2019

    Internet security

    CGNAT frustrates all IP address-based technologies


    IPv4 is creaking at the seams

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