Come to SIDN Connect on 29 November

On Thursday 29 November 2018, we're hosting the second edition of SIDN Connect at the KNVB Campus in Zeist. SIDN Connect enables stakeholders and contacts of SIDN, Connectis and SIDN Fund to get together for a day of inspiration, networking and new ideas.

Here are some of the sessions we've got lined up:

  • Richard van Hooijdonk will lead a guided tour of the business of the future. What skills does a future leader require?

  • Marleen Stikker, who recently appeared on Dutch TV's Zomergasten, will examine the special relationship between people and technology.

  • Brian Trammell will be highlighting the weaknesses in the existing internet and presenting RAINS, Another Internet Naming Service.

  • eID expert Esther Makaay will shed light on the defining trends and drivers in the field of on-line authentication.

  • DMARC helps to prevent phishing, but isn't easy to implement. Michiel de Vis will therefore outline his approach.

  • No SIDN registrar will want to miss the SIDN Debating Chamber, where several topical motions will be considered.

  • Satirical news show De Speld will take a provocative look at key issues relating to the internet industry and SIDN.

Check out the full programme on our new event website and register now.


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