With over 5.8 million domain names under our control – over 3 million of them secured with DNSSEC – our activities generate a lot of data. By analysing the information at our disposal, we are able to build a picture of how the internet is used. That means we can identify emerging trends and highlight links between domain name usage and economic developments.

Once a month, we publish statistics about .nl:

  • The number of registered domain names

  • The number of DNSSEC domain names

  • Net growth of the .nl domain

  • The number of registrars

Website stats 2019-06 NL-1-banner

See more of our statistics

We publish additional statistics on the SIDN Labs website. They include data on registrations, the numbers of existing and non-existent domain names queried and the use of DNSSEC.

  • Tuesday 14 November 2017

    About SIDN

    Less info about private registrants visible in Whois


    From 1 March the names of private registrants won't be shown in the Whois.

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  • Monday 11 September 2017

    SIDN Labs

    Sharetrada: A knowledge-sharing site for (future) ENTRADA users


    Connecting the ENTRADA community

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  • Thursday 20 June 2019

    Internet security

    Five online security tips for start-ups

    Ondernemer 1200x630

    Every year, one in five businesses is affected by cybercrime

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