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‘SIDN's DPC quickly put us back in control of our fragmented portfolio.’

ICT-manager Bruynzeel

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Domain Name Portfolio Checker

What .nl domain names do you have and who are they registered with? DPC shows you at a glance.

Often get domain names registered for campaigns, promotions or new products? Find it hard keeping track of them all? No problem! The Domain Name Portfolio Checker (DPC) puts you back in control. It provides a full breakdown of your .nl domain names, with details of the registrar that manages each one.

Key features

  • See at a glance all the domain names registered in your name

  • See at a glance which registrar manages each registration

  • Save time by leaving the searching to a reliable service provider

How does the DPC work?

Want a complete overview of all your .nl domain names? Contact our support team and ask about the Domain Name Portfolio Checker.

Before providing details of any domain names, we'll need to verify that you are the registrant or an authorised representative.

Once that's done, we'll search our database for all the domain names that are registered to you. The hits will be carefully filtered for relevance. Then we'll send you a comprehensive list of the domain names we've found. The list will be in the form of a simple Excel file, so that you can easily process the data.

We're also happy to provide any additional advice you might want about your registrations.

Is DPC for you?

Have you or your organisation registered a lot of .nl domain names down the years? And have you lost an overview of the names you have and where they're registered? Our Domain Name Portfolio Checker is what you need.

Tell me moer about the DPC

Satisfied users

How do I arrange a domain name portfolio check?

As the manager of the .nl domain, we can do a comprehensive check for you. Want to know more or to arrange a check now? We'd be happy to help!


Learn more about the DPC

Want to know more about the Domain Name Portfolio Checker? Please contact:

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