Piet Beertema

Piet Beertema is a Dutch internet pioneer and the founder of .nl.

Piet Beertema founder of .nl

Piet Beertema

Piet Beertema is a Dutch internet pioneer, who first came across a computer at the National Aerospace Laboratory. In 1966, he took up the post of System Manager at the Centre for Mathematics and Informatics (CWI), where he continued to work until his retirement. On 25 April 1986, administrative control of the newly created .nl domain was delegated to the CWI (in the person of Beertema) by Jon Postel (IANA). Thus, Beertema effectively became the founder of .nl.

On 31 January 1996, together with Boudewijn Nederkoorn and Ted Lindgreen, Beertema established SIDN (the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands) and took a seat on the new organisation's board. In 1999, he became a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion (an honorary title awarded to prominent scientists and others). On 14 July 2011 he laid the final ceremonial brick of SIDN's new office complex.

First European e-mail via internet

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