EPP key relay nominated for the Internet Innovation Award 2014 10 January 2014

Published on: Wednesday 8 January 2014

EPP key relay has been nominated for ISOC's Internet Innovation Award 2014. The nomination is further recognition for the work that SIDN does. Information about the award, about EPP key relay and about ISOC is presented below.

Internet Innovation Award 2014

With the ISOC.nl Innovation Award, the Internet Society of the Netherlands seeks to give innovative and eye-catching internet-related initiatives the recognition they deserve. Innovations that promote the growth of and knowledge about the internet. The prize is given as a mark of the community's appreciation for what a person, an organisation or a scheme has done to improve the internet and its use.
Other nominees

There are nine other nominees in addition to EPP key relay:

  •     CitySDK
  •     Mobility APIA linked data distribution platform for cities
  •     Elastic Search
  •     Successful Dutch start-up using open-source distributed search and analytics
  •     Fairphone
  •     Demonstrating that it is possible to make phones in a socially responsible way
  •     Firmerware
  •     Alternative software for existing telephony hardware
  •     Govroam
  •     Shared wi-fi log-in for governmental organisations
  •     IM Observatory
  •     Charting the security shortcomings of internet chat servers
  •     Publeaks.nl
  •     Gateway to the Dutch media for whistle-blowers
  •     WebODF Collaborative Editor
  •     Portable online group text editor built using open-source code
  •     5apps
  •     Breaking the app-market duopoly with cross-platform web apps

Award presentation on 9 January

This is the first year of the Internet Innovation Award. The inaugural presentation will be on 9 January 2014 at ISOC.nl's internet new year meeting.
EPP Key relay

A team of technical experts has been working to standardise a secure domain name transfer protocol for DNSSEC. The result is the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) key relay. In EPP key relay, the registry plays a pivotal role. DNSSEC key material is communicated from the receiving DNS operator to the releasing DNS operator via the registry, meaning that the transfer can be fully secured.

The Internet Society is an independent, international, non-profit organisation with a pioneering global role in the field of internet-related standards, education and governance. ISOC.nl is its Dutch division. More information is available on ISOC.nl .


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