Come to the DHPA Techday

Published on: Wednesday 16 April 2014

On 13 May, the Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA) is holding the fourth DHPA Techday at DeFabrique in Utrecht. The event is organised with support from various partners and this year SIDN is DHPA’s main Techday partner.

Collaboration between DHPA and SIDN

The industry that DHPA represents is very important for the Dutch economy. In recent decades, the Netherlands’ internet sector has developed into one of the biggest in the world, facilitating more than 20 per cent of all e-commerce earnings in Europe. DHPA registrars contribute to public confidence in the internet industry. SIDN regards the promotion of trust in the internet as the shared responsibility of all parties involved in that industry. For that reason, we are pleased to support DHPA and the Techday.

DHPA Techday 2014

All hands-on tech

Together with DHPA and the other Techday partners, we will be putting on an inspiring event with topics of interest, hands-on labs and an information market. There are also plenty of fun items on the programme and ample opportunity to eat, drink and chat. On the SIDN stand you will be able to get a live DNS check done too. Visit the website for additional Dutch-language information or enrol right away.


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