Board selects Valerie Frissen as CEO of SIDN Fund

Published on: Wednesday 21 May 2014

Board selects Valerie Frissen as CEO of SIDN Fund Arnhem, 21 May 2014 - The Board has appointed Valerie Frissen as CEO of the SIDN Fund. Ms Frissen will take up her new post on 1 September.

SIDN Fund and Valerie Frissen

The SIDN Fund has been established with the aim of increasing the internet's value to Dutch society and the Dutch economy, and contributing to prosperity and welfare in the Netherlands. In view of Valerie Frissen’s considerable experience in the field of ICT and social change, the Board is unanimous in considering her the ideal person to build up the SIDN Fund and to make it a success. “Valerie Frissen also has a strong background in the assessment of project applications, enabling her to provide practical assistance to people and organisations that have good ideas, but less know-how when it comes to bringing those ideas to fruition and applying for funds,” said Eddy Schuyer, Chair of the SIDN Fund’s Managing Board.

Valerie Frissen’s background

Valerie Frissen

Valerie Frissen is currently working as Principal Scientist at TNO, where she has held various posts since 1999. Under TNO’s auspices, Ms Frissen has been Managing Director of CLICKNL for the last two years. CLICKNL is an organisation that works to advance creative industries in the Netherlands. Ms Frissen is also Honorary Professor of ICT & Social Change attached to the Faculty of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam, in addition to holding various directorships and consultative posts. Ms Frissen belongs to the Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy (AWT) and the Supervisory Board of Netherlands Public Broadcasting, as well as chairing Network Democracy. She often gives talks and guest lectures and has acted as external expert and strategic advisor on many occasions. Ms Frissen has an extensive network of contacts in the ICT and media world, both in the Netherlands and on the international stage.


SIDN announced late last year that it intended to set up the SIDN Fund in the course of 2014. The Fund’s role will be to provide financial support to projects that promote innovation, education, research, security and trust, application reach and constructive use of the internet in the Netherlands. SIDN plans to provide the Fund with a starting capital of 5 million euros and an ongoing income. With this unique initiative, SIDN aims to substantially boost its contribution to the further growth and use of the internet in the Netherlands and thus give impetus to the social and economic development of the nation.

Resignation from SIDN’s Supervisory Board

Following the announcement of her appointment as CEO of the SIDN Fund, Valerie Frissen will withdraw from SIDN’s Supervisory Board, which she was scheduled to join, as announced by SIDN last month. Although her candidacy for the role as Fund CEO was already known at the time of her appointment to the SB, the outcome of the selection procedure was then uncertain. Ms Frissen was accordingly appointed to the SB on the understanding that she would withdraw if appointed Fund CEO.


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