Deadline: 01-01-2019

Corporate IT recruiter

Bring in the best IT people to build a secure and stable internet

  • Fulltime: 38 hours a week
  • Experience: min. 2 years
  • Education: Higher vocational (preferably HRM)
  • Salary: € 2,987 to € 3,500 for a 38-hour week


How you'd explain your job at a party

I find people with the right skills and personality to come and work for us

What you'll be doing

New challenges require new people. As Corporate IT Recruiter for SIDN and Connectis, it'll be your job to bring in those people. You'll be up against stiff competition, with talent seemingly in short supply. But we're confident that the talent is out there. It's a question of pointing capable people towards SIDN and Connectis. And that's where you come in, guiding top-class IT people towards our organisation. You're no stranger to hard work and you're happy to take the lead on recruitment. You'll be working for SIDN and our subsidiary Connectis, one of the Netherlands' biggest suppliers of secure log-in solutions. Your professionalism and customer focus will be reflected in the way that you:

  • Develop recruitment campaigns and analyse the resulting reports
  • Motivate and interest potential applicants via our on-line and off-line channels
  • Organise events and fairs for people who work in IT
  • Build a network at universities and colleges for the campus target group
  • Optimise our recruitment process
  • Run our 'Working at' website, in partnership with our Communications Department

What we want

At SIDN and Connectis, you'll be working for a reliable, innovative employer. In your role as Corporate IT Recruiter, that means using smart tactics to find bright IT people who suit our organisation. The work requires a strategic approach, so you'll excel at planning and organising. You'll also have the strong communication skills needed to convince even the most cautious IT people that a switch to SIDN or Connectis makes sense. You enjoy learning and you learn quickly, always thinking outside the box. Most of all, you're able get into the mindset of your target group, speak their language and develop your own vision of the jobs market. Those strengths are the product of:

  • Higher vocational training specialising in HRM, or higher academic education
  • At least two years' experience as a (corporate) recruiter, agency recruiter or HR consultant specialising in IT
  • Good understanding of how to use social media for recruitment
  • Experience of building and maintaining networks and relationships

About us

SIDN, in full the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands, is an independent organisation that manages the .nl domain. In 2017, we joined forces with Connectis to reinforce the market for digital identities as well.Connectis supplies software and ID tokens for secure access to public and private services. There's more to domain name registration and secure log-ins than you might expect. We therefore have a team of 150 people dedicated to ensuring that the Dutch internet is as secure and trustworthy as possible. Some are based in Arnhem, others in Rotterdam.

Take a look at the missions and visions of SIDN and Connectis for a fuller picture of who we are and what we stand for. At SIDN and Connectis, you'll see more jeans and tee-shirts than sharp suits. It's a setting where you can be yourself. And there's always something going on: family days, Christmas dinners, sports days, barbecues and even weekends away together. Join in or do your own thing; it's fine either way. Maybe we'll see you soon?

Read more about SIDN

What you can expect

As Corporate IT Recruiter, you'll be part of the five-strong HR team that recruits and selects new personnel. The job involves three days a week at SIDN in Arnhem and two at Connectis in Rotterdam. In both cities, we have colourful, modern offices. You'll probably want to have lunch in the staff restaurant, where most of us like to take time out and chat. Both locations are easily reached by public transport, and in Arnhem the car access is good as well. From Arnhem Station, you can get to SIDN in fifteen minutes by bike, while Connectis is just a ten-minute walk from Rotterdam Central.

Pay and other benefits

We're not secretive about things like pay and holidays. Why would we be? After all, SIDN and Connectis offer really good packages. So we're happy to put our cards on the table. And we're not just talking about the little perks, like great coffee whenever you want it and a supply of fresh fruit for dipping into. We're confident that the pay and extras you'll get as Corporate IT Recruiter will put a smile on your face. Take a look for yourself:

  • Gross monthly salary of up to €3,500
  • Full reimbursement of travel expenses if you come to work by public transport
  • Travel allowance of € 0.19 per kilometre if you come in by car
  • Travel allowance of € 0.29 per kilometre for business travel
  • A bonus of up to 4 per cent, depending on operating results
  • 25 days' holiday, if you work full time
  • A holiday allowance of 8 per cent, plus a year-end payment of 4 per cent
  • An attractive pension with ABP, with an 80 per cent contribution from SIDN
  • Education and training opportunities tailored to your wishes
  • € 35 a month for your home broadband and € 25 a month (gross) towards your health insurance

Everything above is for a 38-hour week. You can work longer hours if you like. If you opt for a 40-hour week, you get thirteen extra days' leave.

Like the sound of the job?

Fancy the idea of joining our team? Give us a ring on +31 26 352 5500 or apply before Tuesday 1 January 2019 using the form below. If there's anything you'd like to know about the job or about the application process, just ask:

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