Sluitingsdatum: 31-07-2018

Machine learning engineer

Your job will be to develop, prototype, and evaluate algorithms and solutions that use various large and dynamically changing datasets of Internet measurements, for instance to detect malicious sites such as booters and fake web shops, or to longitudinally map malware spreads and routing changes. Examples of datasets that we have at our disposal include 4+ years of historic passive DNS traffic of .nl’s authoritative name servers (40 TB, 800 billion rows, updated every few minutes), longitudinal active scanning data on every domain name in the .nl zone (150+ attributes per domain name), and longitudinal data on the evolution of the DNS in .nl and other Top-level Domains (2 trillion data points, updated daily).

You will be conducting applied research and will intensely collaborate with peers of various backgrounds (data scientists, software engineers, operators, students), both at SIDN Labs as well as at the universities and other research labs we work with. You’ll have the opportunity to apply your solutions in SIDN’s operational infrastructure and to actively share your results with the Internet community, for instance through open source software, presentations, and papers.

  • Fulltime: 38 hours a week
  • Ervaring: At least 2 years in collaborative research projects, preferable working on Internet security
  • Opleidingsniveau: M.Sc. in Computer Science or a related field. A Ph.D. is a plus
  • Salaris: € 2.987 - € 5.032 a 38 hour contract


Zo leg je je baan uit tijdens een feestje

I search and find patterns in large amounts of data so that the internet stays safe

Wat je gaat doen

  • Contribute to further increasing the security and resilience of the larger Internet and SIDN’s services.
  • Analyze large amounts of dynamically changing datasets of Internet measurements, for instance to detect and correlate abuse and data plane events.
  • Design, prototype, and evaluate machine learning models that work with this data.
  • Work with SIDN’s operational teams to convert your models into practical solutions than can be used in production environments.
  • Work with our research partners to share your expertise and onboard the latest (academic) insights.
  • Disseminate your results through open source software, publications, presentations, and demonstrations.
  • Continually contribute to SIDN Labs’ research agenda.

Wat wij vragen

  • Solid machine learning and AI knowledge (text classification, image recognition, etc.) and know which techniques to use to solve a particular problem.
  • Privacy and security sensitivity and corresponding way of working.
  • Basic knowledge of Internet operations (DNS, routing, etc.).
  • Knowledge and experience of SQL and NoSQL.
  • Experience with open source data analysis tools, such as Impala, Python Data Science and Data Visualization.
  • Fluent skills in Java, Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and you are able to understand and express yourself in Dutch at a basic level.

Iemand die bij ons past

Je bent een teamspeler. Je kunt goed luisteren en je weet jouw boodschap aan een ander over te brengen. Bovendien heb je een sterke persoonlijkheid, want de werkdruk is hoog en je draagt veel eigen verantwoordelijkheid. En je wilt blijven leren. Als je jezelf hierin herkent, pas je goed bij ons! Want bij ons kan je echt jezelf zijn. We zijn aan de ene kant een groot, innovatief bedrijf op het gebied van internettechnologie. En aan de andere kant heerst er met zo'n 100 medewerkers geen massale, maar juist een gemoedelijke sfeer. De lijnen zijn kort. Er is tijd voor een grapje, maar er wordt ook hard gewerkt. Jouw ambitie. Ons domein.

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Wat kun je verwachten

  • A job at a company that provides critical Internet infrastructure services.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the security, stability and resilience of .nl and the larger Internet.
  • Large operational datasets and cutting edge research and development tools.
  • A wide range of training possibilities for technical and personal development.
  • A market-rate competitive salary based on your education and experience.
  • A Linux or OSX laptop (or other OS).
  • A bonus based on company results.
  • Other usual benefits such as a 38 hour contract.
  • Bean-to-cup coffee!

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