Internet security

We often take it for granted that .nl websites and mailboxes can always be reached. But a lot of work goes in to making sure that they can. SIDN maintains the foundations for the security and accessibility of the .nl domain. And there are things that you can do to keep your domain name safe. Read about our security work and your protection options.


This website brings you the latest news about DNSSEC. There's also technical and practical advice on how to improve the security of your domain names.

Security of .nl

We have put a variety of security measures in place and cooperate with other parties on security issues. Our own security team maintains a constant watch, but if you discover a weakness, please let us know.
  • Security of .nl

  • Combat phishing and malware

  • DNS abuse

  • Anycast

  • The Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

  • Reporting a security breach

Abuse of the internet

Information about the most common forms of internet crime, such as phishing and typosquatting.
  • Protecting yourself against internet abuse in the Netherlands and in gTLDs

  • Abuse of the internet

Security options

Interested in the security of your domain name? There are various ways you can enhance security, including DNSSEC and the SIDN services linked below.
  • Salaries stolen using hacked e-mail addresses

  • Domain name Surveillance Service (DBS)

  • .nl Control

  • Tuesday 30 October 2018 Internet security

    Unique study sheds light on DDoS attacks

    Greater insight can promote cooperation in the chain

    Afbeelding van Unique study sheds light on DDoS attacks
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  • Monday 29 October 2018 Internet security

    Privacy Portal now open to assist registrars

    A single tool for all your privacy management tasks

    Afbeelding van Privacy Portal now open to assist registrars
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  • Thursday 11 October 2018 Internet security

    Is your business hack-proof?

    Take the test!

    Afbeelding van Is your business hack-proof?
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