No 10, Q1 2013 .NL REMAINS STRONG AND EVOLUTION OF THE MARKET IS SLOW All about SIDN's survey of domain name end users Ruud Alaerds, Keala Consultancy Over the last few months, the market research agency and consultancy Keala, previously known as Heliview, has been investigating the position of .nl on the business and retail markets. SIDN commissioned the study – the third in an ongoing series – to help build up a better picture of who uses .nl domain names, and how they use them. Objective and method The aim of the survey was to provide SIDN with information about the purchasing and cancellation plans of registrants and prospects, about the use of domain names in the private and business sectors and about the relationship between domain names and alternatives such as apps and social media. To gather the information, Keala sought feedback from 1500 private individuals and 750 businesses and other organisations. Having so many respondents enabled the researchers to analyse the responses on the basis of socio-demographic grouping. Changes from earlier surveys The latest survey featured several new elements, which the previous surveys didn't include. The main change was that respondents were asked questions not only as registrants or prospects, but also as internet users. For example, some questions were designed to shed light on the relationship between the demand for domain names and the use of social media. Ruud Alaerds, managing director of Keala: "The first time we did a survey for SIDN, in 2011, we found that a lot of the findings gave rise to new questions. So the latest survey was designed to take a

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