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No 9, Q4 2012 1 PARTNERS IN THE FIGHT Since the start of this year, an unassuming office in The Hague, close to the Laan van NOI railway station and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, has been the nerve centre of the Netherlands' fight against cybercrime: the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). General Manager Elly van den Heuvel talks to The.nlyst about this public-private partnership. Increasing importance of cyber security The NCSC is the successor to GOVCERT – the Government Cyber Emergency Response Team. Established in 2002, GOVCERT's role was to help government bodies and other organisations with a public function to defend themselves against hacking and malware infection. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of cyber threats was simply too great for GOVCERT to satisfactorily counter. “The internet has become an increasingly important part of our lives,“ says Van den Heuvel. “We all depend on it, one way or another. Incidents can have a huge impact on the economy and on our daily lives. Consequently, cyber security has also become much more important. Until recently, however, there was no clear strategy in this field. That changed in 2011, when the AGAINST CYBERCRIME An introduction to the National Cyber Security Centre Elly van den Heuvel, General Manager, NCSC government published its National Cyber Security Strategy. Creation of a National Cyber Security Centre was one of the six key features of that strategy. So it was that, at the start of 2012, GOVCERT became the NCSC.“ Broad organisation Van den Heuvel emphasises that the NCSC is an entirely different organisation from GOVCERT. “The NCSC isn't just GOVCERT-plus. We are more concerned with national security and we have a much broader structure, based on cooperation with other organisations. Another important distinction is that we are a public-private partnership. If you want to do something about internet security, that's the way it has to be, because the government doesn't control Count down to 2013 with us,
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