Marketing Intern (working internship)

Get to know the online world by doing market research

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  • Fulltime: negotiable
  • Experience: 3rd or 4th year degree programme in marketing (or similar)
  • Education: Higher vocational or university
  • Salary: € 500 - € 500
How you'd explain your job at a party

I'm an intern at SIDN's Marketing Department, doing market research and other work

What you'll be doing

We have a mission: connecting people and organisations to promote safe and convenient digital living. By fulfilling that mission, SIDN plays an important role within the Dutch internet community. Dutch society relies on us to keep the .nl domain up and running, and accessible to all. The quality of our services is therefore crucial. And, in order to maximise quality, it's important that we understand our customers, and know what they want. Why do people register domain names? How do they choose business names and domain names? How does a business benefit from having a website? We need answers to questions like that, in order to maintain and enhance the effectiveness of our marketing activities and our channel. We therefore want you to set up an enterprise focus group that can regularly provide SIDN with feedback on relevant topics. Your role will consist mainly of setting up the group, recruiting members, maintaining contact, devising appropriate incentives for participation, and identifying issues that the group can help with. You'll be doing a variety of other things as well. Your professionalism and customer focus will be reflected in the way that you:

  • process feedback from the focus group with a view to informing future marketing campaigns

  • devise promotions linked to the Registrar Scorecard (our incentive programme for registrars) with the aim of encouraging registrars to enhance the security of their domain name portfolios

  • organise masterclasses for professionals (SIDN Academy)

  • produce relevant content (blogs, vlogs, infographics) for our primary target group: start-up businesses

What we want

At Connectis and SIDN, you'll be working for reliable, innovative employers. Feeling at home in that setting implies having affinity with the internet and an interest in internet-related developments. In addition, you'll have a passion for (online) marketing and market research, plus the ability to translate customer feedback into practical solutions. You'll also have:

  • higher vocational education in marketing

  • well-developed communication skills in both Dutch and English

  • strong analytical ability

  • a healthy degree of assertiveness

  • availability for a working internship starting September 2019

About us

SIDN, in full the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands, is an independent organisation that manages the .nl domain. In 2017, we joined forces with Connectis to reinforce the market for digital identities as well.Connectis supplies software and ID tokens for secure access to public and private services. There's more to domain name registration and secure log-ins than you might expect. We therefore have a team of 150 people dedicated to ensuring that the Dutch internet is as secure and trustworthy as possible. Some are based in Arnhem, others in Rotterdam.

Take a look at the missions and visions of SIDN and Connectis for a fuller picture of who we are and what we stand for. At SIDN and Connectis, you'll see more jeans and tee-shirts than sharp suits. It's a setting where you can be yourself. And there's always something going on: family days, Christmas dinners, sports days, barbecues and even weekends away together. Join in or do your own thing; it's fine either way. Maybe we'll see you soon?

Read more about SIDN

What you can expect

We're not secretive about things like pay and holidays. Why would we be? After all, SIDN offers really good packages. So we're happy to put our cards on the table. And we're not just talking about the little perks, like great coffee whenever you want it and a supply of fresh fruit for dipping into. We're confident that the pay and extras you'll get as Marketing Intern will put a smile on your face. Take a look for yourself:

  • intern's allowance of € 500

  • travel allowance of € 0.19 per kilometre

  • leave linked to hours worked, on a pro rata basis

  • scope to develop your personal marketing vision

  • the chance to work at the heart of the Dutch internet

Like the sound of the job?

Fancy the idea of joining our team? Give us a ring on +31 26 352 5500 or apply before Friday 30 August 2019 using the form below. If there's anything you'd like to know about the job or about the application process, just ask:

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